$25 Million Settlement

This award was obtained for an impaled construction worker who fell from 8 foot wooden plank in the Bronx.

$6 Million Dollar Recovery for Brain Damaged Baby

After a long, hard-fought trial in Monmouth County, New Jersey, the defendant hospital and doctor paid its entire insurance coverage to Steven Hess’s client. The settlement occurred while the jurors were deliberating and was influenced by the impressive trial presentation by the plaintiff’s side.

$3 Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdict

This award was obtained in New Jersey for a 50 year old woman who had below the knee amputation following an unsuccessful knee replacement operation.

$3.5 Million Dollar verdict

This award was obtained in a Medical Malpractice case against pediatrician for failure to diagnose a congenital hip condition that led to hip disability of an eleven year old girl.

$1 Million Dollar Verdict

This award was obtained for a 55 year old woman who was sexually assaulted by an unknown assailant at a Manhattan hotel. The case presented by Steven Hess showed that the hotel had inadequate security and improper key control that led to the assault.