Construction Accidents

Workers like you get hurt badly every day because your job involves working at heights, often great heights, in all kinds of weather and wind conditions.  Falls are the most common type of accident on job sites.  But falls aren’t the only potential hazard.  Heavy equipment, including power tools, ladders, explosives and toxic materials like solvents can cause serious injury and even death if your employer improperly maintains the equipment, or if the worker isn’t trained in the proper use of this equipment.

Workers compensation benefits, while useful at times, are rarely adequate enough to get a worker back on his/her feet and to care of his/her family and the mounting expenses.  Hiring a top New York construction accident lawyer could very well be a worker’s only other recourse for getting the compensation you need and deserve.

Steven Hess and Alan Leibowitz have been representing victims of workplace accidents for more than four decades.  We have recovered money for our construction accident clients in 98% of the cases we have handled.  The total dollars recovered on behalf of our construction worker clients has exceeded 50 million dollars.

The partners have extensive experience representing victims of construction accidents. Steven Hess and Alan B. Leibowitz have been honored by their peers in the legal profession by being named super lawyers for multiple years.