Scaffolding Accidents

When a construction worker is injured on the job, the mostly likely cause — in 65% of the cases according to OSHA — is a result of improper use and installation of scaffolding.

Almost every type of construction job requires the use of scaffolding or ladders.   Bricklayers, painters, electricians, welders, pipe fitters, you name it, work on ladders or scaffolding at one time or another.

According to OSHA, approximately 50 deaths a year, and more then 4,000 injuries, are a direct cause of faulty, defective, or improperly used scaffolding.

The most common causes of scaffolding and ladder accidents involve:

    • Improper use of the equipment
    • Improper installation
    • A ladder with defective or missing feet
    • A ladder that is not properly held or secured
  • A ladder with broken or worn out rungs

It’s no surprise when accidents happen on, beneath and around ladders and scaffolding.

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