Burn Victim Receives More Than $4 Million in Settlement

A 49 year old employee of a waste recycling facility who suffered 3rd degree burns to his head and face due to the negligent disposal of aerosol cans received this settlement in 2008 due to the work of Alan Leibowitz.


New York’s Highest Court Allows Previously Disabled Accident Victim to Collect Millions

A wheelchair bound man will receive millions due to The NYC Transit Authorities negligence in failing to properly restrain his wheelchair during a Brooklyn bus ride. When the bus lurched, the man was thrown forward and free of the restraint, causing him significant injuries that reduced his already compromised ability to care for himself. This case was tried by Steven L. Hess.


Two Brothers Injured by Exposure to Lead Paint Receive Settlement in Excess of $3.5 Million

Brothers aged twelve and ten suffered significant learning deficits as a result of lead paint ingestion in their Bronx apartment. After proving numerous City Health Department violations, Steven L. Hess was able to negotiate this settlement.


3.7 Million Dollar Settlement

This settlement was a result of lead-paint poisoning.