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New York Elevator Attorneys

It is estimated that more than 60,000 elevators carry people safely to and from their apartments, offices, hotel rooms and schools every day in New York City.

But when elevators break down because maintenance has been neglected, or when repairs are delayed by the landlord, or building manager, this otherwise reliable form of transportation could become a serious threat to the health, and safety, of the people who ride them.

Frail elderly and disabled tenants suffer most when elevators malfunction.  They can become shut-ins for days at a time.  But, it’s not only the elderly who suffer.  Even the most common elevator breakdowns can be dangerous for all building tenants and guests.  When doors close too fast, or the cab stops before or after it should, or if the cab isn’t there when the door opens, it can lead to serious injury, even death.

WARNING:  If the elevator in your building isn’t functioning properly, do not take matters into your own hands.  Avoid using a crowbar, or some other implement, to pry open a jammed door.  This is a serious mistake.   In the event of an accident, the courts could hold you responsible for your own injuries if you are found to have tampered with the safe operation of the elevator.

If you are injured as a result of landlord negligence, contact the New York premises liability lawyers at Hess & Leibowitz.

Our New York Elevator lawyers at Hess & Leibowitz have been representing victims premises liability for more than four decades. We have recovered money for our clients in 98% of the premises liability cases we have handled. The total dollars we have recovered for our clients who have been victims of premises liability has totaled in the millions.

The partners have extensive experience representing victims of premises liability. Steven Hess and Alan B. Leibowitz have been honored by their peers in the legal profession by being named super lawyers for multiple years.

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