Safety Tips For Apartment Building Tenants

Usually when we’re at home in our apartments we feel rather safe, whether it’s while we are watching TV, eating at the kitchen table, or sleeping. However, it’s commonplace, unfortunately, for fires to occur, whether because of a faulty extension cord, match or cigarette falling onto the bedspread, a defective stove, or excessive lint in the clothes dryer. It is critical that safety devices are properly working and appropriately situated. Smoke detectors must be adjacent to the bedrooms and kitchen. Windows leading to fire escapes can never be blocked by locked scissor gates; and there must be 2 separate locations to exit the apartment. Of course, the batteries in the smoke detectors should be changed regularly and it’s easy to remember to do this two times each year when we change our clocks: “Spring forward, Fall back and change the batteries.”

Safety at home can be accomplished if we’re thoughtful.


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