7.5 Million Dollar Settlement

This eve-of-trial settlement involved a baby who was seriously brain damaged at the time of his birth. Due to a delay in deliver the baby lost vital oxygen to his brain and developed cerebral palsy. This case was one of the largest settlements ever recorded in Westchester County, New York.


$1,975,000 Gastric Bypass Malpractice Settlement

This case settled in 2007. Death following a leak and lung problems.


$11 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict

The mother of a cerebral palsy child brought suit against doctors an HMO for the failure to properly manage her pregnancy. The mother was determined to be high risk because of her own medical problems. The HMO team allowed her to labor for several hours without any observation by nurses or doctors. The labor was complicated by problems which resulted in the baby becoming brain damaged.


$16.2 Million Drug Product Liability Settlement

Japanese drug manufacturer found responsible for failing to remove contaminant from a popular dietary supplement. Several clients, including a prominent National Hockey League player, retained our office to act in the United States against the manufacturer. After we helped to prove the existence of the contaminant the cases settled without the necessity for trial.


$18 Million Medical malpractice Settlement

The parents of a seriously brain damaged twin baby brought suit because of the failure of the doctor and hospital to recognize an emergency situation and quickly deliver by caesarean section. Because of a premature labor, one of the baby’s umbilical cords was being compressed leading to low blood flow and diminished oxygen. Despite being aware of the risks involved, the doctors failed to properly monitor the baby’s heart rate and delayed in delivery. After the verdict the insurance company paid the full amount of the doctor’s insurance coverage.


$25 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

The parents of a two year old girl sued a hospital for failing to monitor their child after surgery leading to loss of blood and resultant brain damage. The infant had a congenital condition which involved the bones of her skull. After successful surgery to adjust the skull bones she was taken to the recovery room. While in the recovery room her blood loss went unnoticed until it reached the point that her brain was irreversibly deprived of oxygen.


$6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

The mother of a profoundly brain damaged youngster afflicted with cerebral palsy settled with the doctors and hospital for the full extent of the insurance coverage. Because of a delay in delivery in the face of clear problems, the baby suffered oxygen deprivation which led to her injury. In the course of the lawsuit the firm discovered that one of the doctors had secreted important documentary evidence in his footlocker. This discovery had an important impact on the decision to offer all of the available insurance.


3.5 Million Dollar Settlement

This settlement was for a young woman who suffered from a misdiagnosed stroke.


5 Million Dollar Settlement

This settlement was won on behalf of a baby who suffered cerebral palsy due to malpractice at the time of her birth.


6.4 Million Dollar Settlement

This was a settlement won for a pregnant woman who suffered a brain injury.